Frequently Asked Questions

Q.- What is the smallest tow vehicle that I can use to tow the HEO T3 Overland Trailer? 

A-  The standard HEO T3 Overland Trailer is very lightweight, tipping the scales at only 550 pounds empty with a GVWR of 2200 pounds. The HEO T3 Overland Trailer  can be towed  with a vehicle tow rating of 2000 pounds.

Q- What is the smallest tow vehicle that I can use to tow the HEO T5 Overland Trailer?

A- The standard HEO T5 Overland Trailer is very lightweight, tipping the scales at only 960 pounds empty with a GVWR of 2200 pounds. The HEO T5 Overland Trailer  can be towed  with a vehicle tow rating of 2000 pounds.

Q- What type of hitch do I need?

A-  A class 2 or 3 receiver will work if using a 2″ ball coupler. If using the standard Lock N Roll 3 axis off road coupler, the HEO T3 & T5 Overland Trailers are equipped with the entire coupler and your tow vehicle must be equipped with at least a Class 3 receiver.

Q- What is the construction material of your campers?

A-  The frame and skeleton is constructed of 6063-T6 tubular aluminum that is completely Mig welded. The exterior is covered with ACM, aluminum composite material, which consists of 2 sheets of aluminum continuously bound to a polyethylene core. ACM is known for its flexibility, durability, strength and lightweight. The interior is clad in aluminum tread plate. This means that your HEO T3  or the T5 Overland Trailer will never rust or rot. This also means you will be optimizing your fuel mileage while towing any HEO Overland Trailer camper.

Q- Why do you build your Overland Trailers out of aluminum?

A – When fabricated correctly, an aluminum trailer is extremely strong and lightweight. Building from aluminum gives you the best of both worlds, strength and light weight.

Q- What kind of suspension is used on the HEO T3 and the T5 Overland Trailers?

A- We use the Rockwell American Equalizer Torsion Axle as standard equipment on both models.  This is a 3500 pound axle de-rated to 2200 pounds, and has 3500 pound spindles. This proven design allows the suspension to react to the trail independently and there are far less parts to wear out and give you maximum ground clearance versus the leaf spring suspension.  On the HEO T3, you can also upgrade to the Timbren axle-less off road suspension. It allows for an incredibly smooth and quiet ride.  A secondary spring acts as a re-bound spring. This means there is always tension on the suspension, eliminating rattles and bounce.  It also offers a true independent suspension and creates plenty of ground clearance for the trails. The Timbren axle-less suspension was the winner of the 2011 SEMA Best New Off Road Product of the Year.

Q- What type of trailer plug do I need to hook up to a HEO T3 or T5 Overland Trailer?

A-  We use a flat 4 electrical trailer plug on our HEO T3 and T5 Overland Trailer.

Q- Can I get trailer brakes on the HEO T3 or T5 Overland Trailer?

A-  Yes. Trailer brakes can be installed on the HEO T3 or T5 Overland Trailer as an option. This option will have a breakaway switch, round 7 blade electrical connector, and must be ordered prior to the build. Your tow vehicle must be equipped with a compatible round 7 blade electrical connector.

Q-  What size HEO trailer will I need?

A – The HEO T3 is suitable for 1 – 2 adults. Adding the optional ShadowAwn with Awning room, an additional sleeping area can be created for up to an additional 2 adults. The mattress size in the T3 tent is 56″ wide and 96″ long.

The HEO T5 is suitable for up to 8 adults when fully deployed with the walls and floors installed in the annex room.  The mattress size in the main tent is 68″ wide and 84″ long.

Q- What is the set up time for the HEO T3 and T5?

A- The HEO T3 can be fully set-up in less than 5 minutes. The HEO T5 can have the main tent set up in less than 15 minutes including annex roof. Adding the annex walls and floor will add an additional 15 minutes. (The annex floor and walls are included with the model as standard equipment and are optional to set up for use).

Q – Do you offer built-in kitchens?

A – As a safety feature, we do not offer slide-out kitchens. This is due to the fact that you should never cook where you sleep. Cooking odors will be absorbed into the tent fabric and may attract bears, and other unwanted guests. We at Highland Expedition Outfitters want safe and happy campers.

Q- I already own a Roof Top Tent. Can we buy just the trailer?

A – Yes, contact us at with your requirements.

Q- Do you offer a rear hitch receiver on the T Series Trailers?

A- Due to the light tongue weight, we do not offer rear hitch receivers for safety reasons.

Q- Do you offer a warranty on the Overland Trailers?

A- Yes, we offer a 1- year limited warranty. This limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. This limited warranty does not cover any problem caused by conditions, malfunctions, or damage not resulting from defects in material or workmanship. Any alterations to the trailer after delivery or pick up voids the warranty. The warranty is transferrable within the warranty period.

Q- Where are the HEO Overland Trailers Built?

A- All our trailers are built in the USA! The are manufactured in Cosby, TN.

Q – OK, I’m ready to order My HEO Overland Trailer, what’s next?

A – On the Trailers Pages, open the pdf Build Sheet for the HEO T3 or T5 Overland Trailer, fill this out and email it to us at

Q – Is shipping the trailer to me an option?

A – You are welcome to pick up your trailer at our factory in Cosby, Tn and we also have shipping available. Please contact us for quotes.

Q – Do you offer financing?

A- Yes. We offer financing through Rock Solid Funding. Click on the link on Trailer page for information.


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